Welcoming Letter


Dear Participants,


ASEANSAI warmly welcomes you to the Risk Based Audit and Internal Control Training Programme!

For the next three weeks, all of us will be in our virtual classroom with our co-participants, ISSAI Experts and Mentors! From now on, you are a part of a big community, as in this e-course we have participants from 9 countries in ASEAN.

We have gathered here in the online classroom from different SAIs with our different backgrounds, experience and knowledge. At this moment, we don’t know each other, we are now strangers. We aim to transform this gathering of strangers into a community, a community of learners. In the upcoming three weeks, we will also make every effort to transform the online learners who would create a community of practice.

To make ourselves familiar to each other, we would request you to complete the PowerPoint template on About Me and upload the file.


This e-course is organized in weekly modules. We will have three modules for three weeks. The required activities of a module are described in the Learning Plan of that particular Module. At the beginning of each week, please read the Learning Plan and complete the activities assigned for the week.

Throughout the course, each module activities will be supported by the ISSAI Experts and Mentors. ISSAI Experts are from the respective subcommittees of the ASEANSAI. Profiles of ISSAI Experts and Mentors are posted in the portal for your reference.

Experts and Mentors will help you in completing the regular assignments, answer your queries and guide you through the course. You may seek clarification from individual Expert or Mentor by email or by posting your queries in the forum. We hope this would help you focusing on the e-learning process, enable you to make a personal commitment to the course for its success and to encourage the growth of a positive, healthy community of learners. At the same time we would be able to create an environment congenial for learning and sharing of our experiences. We hope that having such an atmosphere will create a truly interactives environment, where we all would contribute and benefit each other.


Wish you success and best of luck with the e-course.


Thank you,




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